Friday, August 2, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday #6

Happy Friday everyone. Feature & Follow Friday is an event hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. The goal is to meet new bloggers and gain friends. 

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Alright, on to today's question. 

Q: How do you handle a book you don’t like? Do you DNF or do you power through?

Normally I try my hardest to finish the book. If I spent my own money on the book then I will definitely finish it. I try to stay optimistic throughout a bad book. I'm always hoping it will turn out great.  Most of the time that isn't the case. If a book is really bad then I'll just skim read as fast as possible to get it over with. The only time I wouldn't finish a book is if it sucks and it is really long. Then I'm all kinds of angry. Not only did the author write a terrible book, but he/she made that awful book 700 pages long.

That's it for me today! Au revoir!


  1. Usually I will give a book 50-100 pages before I DNF if I'm not enjoying it. I used to power through but I no longer have the time and it turned reading into a chore. There are too many books on my tbr pile for me to feel guilty and I'm picky about what I read, so only have 1 DNF so far!

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    Mia Hoddell
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  2. Time is a precious thing. Thanks for following! Following back on google+ and facebook.

  3. Good answer ha ha! Nothing worse than a bad book that just.won't.end. I'll DNF if I just can't get through it... Thanks for visiting!

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  4. LOL so true about long books! And I'm right there with you about books I've paid for - but I really rarely spend money on books - I try really hard to find my books at the library.

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  5. If I've spent money on the book (which is usually the case) then I'm going to finish it...and if it's long then OMG does it drag on forever! New follower via Bloglovin' and Twitter. Have a great weekend!

    Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

  6. You have stamina! I don't know if I could power through like a 700 page book if I wasn't enjoying it even though I'm reluctant to DNF a book. Luckily, I have only come across one book so far that I even considered DNF'ing.

    I. Love. Your. Background. :D
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