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Black Widow Review #1 and #2

Black Widow #1 and #2
Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Illustrator: Phil Noto
Publisher: Marvel 

You've seen Black Widow as an Avenger and even an Agent of Shield. But on her own time she searches for atonement for her past as a KGB assassin—in ways of which those teams just wouldn't approve. From the darkest corners of the Marvel Universe, Nathan Edmonson (Who is Jake Ellis?) and Phil Noto (Thunderbolts, X-23) bring you a new ongoing series as gorgeous and mysterious as Nastasha Romanov herself!

Okay, so I signed up for Marvel Unlimited a few days ago. It's $9.99 a month and you get access to 13,000 digital comics. I saw Black Widow on the list and immediately added it to my library. Before I head into the review, I will say that I'm disappointed that only issues 1 and 2 are available. I was really looking forward to reading this series, but alas I can't. So sorry to the readers for only being able to read 1 and 2. Hopefully, Marvel will add the rest of the issues to Marvel Unlimited because right now I don't really see much for me to read. So I'll give it a few months and then if I don't see more titles being added that I'm interested in then I'll probably cancel my subscription.

Issue #1 begins with Natasha on a job. She is trying to talk down a Russian man with a bomb attached to himself. She eventually gains his trust and then takes him down. Later we meet her lawyer, Isaiah, who finds her jobs. She only takes jobs that meet a certain criteria and wants to make sure she doesn't get rich off them. She is only doing the jobs to atone for her bad past. What that past is exactly we don't know, but you know it is pretty bad. She is very secretive about her past and I'm sure we will learn more about it later on (hopefully). We then see her on her second job saving a man and killing his assassin. Then we are left with her at home being bothered by a cat and drinking some wine.

In Issue #2 we are given the same scenarios. More scenes with her talking to Isaiah about money. She also takes a job to rescue an old friend's son, but that mission doesn't go very well. She makes a lot of mistakes along the way and eventually meets the man who wants to kill her named Iron Scorpion. Black Widow killed his brother a long time ago and now he wants revenge. We also find out other people are wanting to take Black Widow and her lawyer out of business, but Isaiah apparently has other skill sets besides being a good lawyer. At the end of this issue, we're left with Natasha at home and the stray cat wanting to be let in.

I'll start off by saying I really like Noto's covers and art. The story itself is entertaining enough that I want to continue reading (WHICH I CAN'T! Damn you, Marvel). I think Black Widow is an interesting character because she obviously has a lot of guilt about her past and wants to make up for it. I doubt she will ever feel like she can make up for her past, but taking these jobs is probably the only way she can make herself feel better. If you're looking for a book with good art and an interesting character then I'd say check it out. This book starts off with a bang and keeps the action coming, which I would expect out of a Black Widow comic.

Rating 7/10

On a side note, I love the cover for issue 9. I am dying to see her interact with the Punisher. Gah, damn you Marvel! Hurry up and add the rest of these issues to Marvel Unlimited please!

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