Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Doctor Who "Deep Breath" Review

I waited to see the premiere of Doctor Who on Monday because my local theater was showing it! I couldn't pass up seeing my favorite show on the big screen! Such a great experience. I wish I could see all the episodes that way.

The first episode for a new Doctor is always tricky. Most fans aren't ready to let go of the last one and feel this Doctor has to prove himself worthy of our love. At least, that is how I feel! Matt Smith's first episode won me over and I was hoping Capaldi's would too. At first, he was a little annoying. I thought his confused status was a bit off putting. However, once he and Clara met up at the restaurant I was happy with him. I think this incarnation of the Doctor will still have his silly moments, but he will definitely bring some darkness. And it is that darkness that I am really looking forward to! As for Clara, I actually really enjoy her with Capaldi. Clara has been my least favorite companion so far. I think Jenna is a serviceable actor, but I just haven't connected with Clara yet. Plus, I was so in love with The Ponds and River that, in my eyes, Clara could never take their place. I was very happy with her chemistry with Capaldi though, but honestly I am looking forward to her exit this year.

Overall, I think Moffatt wrote a solid first episode for our new doctor. There was a lot of humor and great costumes. I always love when Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax are in an episode. They are a super fun trio. Also, do you think it is Madame Vastra who gave Clara the Doctor's phone number at the coffee shop? Or perhaps, it is that mysterious lady from the Promise Land at the end. That was weird. She freaks me out. What are your thoughts on this episode? Good, bad, unsure? Let me know!

Rating: 7/10

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