Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sci-Fi Sunday: Rocket Raccoon #1, #2 Review

Title: Rocket Raccoon, Issues 1 and 2
Writer/Illustrator: Skottie Young
Publisher: Marvel

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy for the second time, I hopped over to my local comic book store and bought the first two issues of Rocket Raccoon by Skottie Young. I have admitted over the years of being a DC junkie and I haven’t really read much Marvel. It's not that I didn't want to. I was just so focused on DC and also a lot of independent titles that I just didn't have the money to add more books to my pull list. Lately, I have slowly been adding more and more Marvel titles. After reading and LOVING She-Hulk (review to come later), and then loving Guardians of the Galaxy I thought my next Marvel book should be Rocket Raccoon. I am so happy I picked up this book. Rocket is such a fun character and Skottie Young writes him perfectly. Not to mention the art is just as fun as the dialogue.

So, Rocket is on a mission to save a Princess and does so successfully and not without a little bravado. Later, we see him enjoying a night out with a woman watching Groot in a wrestling match. All is going to plan, until he and his date are put on the kiss cam and the authorities are alerted to his presence. Turns out, Rocket is wanted for murder! Rocket calls Star-Lord to find out what is going on. Turns out someone who looks just like Rocket is out there murdering people. It looks like Rocket may not be as alone as he thought. Add in a handful of pissed off ex-girlfriends and you have the beginning of a fun space adventure. Finding out there is another person like Rocket out there made my heart melt a little because I went back to that scene in the movie when he was drunk and upset about being alone. (Damn, you Marvel for making me care about a talking raccoon!). So I am definitely interested to see what happens when Rocket meets this mystery Raccoon.

Conclusion: This book starts off with a bang of action and laughter. I'm happy I picked this one up and will be adding it to my pull list. (You should too!)

Rating 8.5/10

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